The Beginning: submissions now open!

Welcome to our blog, here at Anomaly.

As we mentioned on our 'About' page, we started Anomaly in order to find and promote what we feel are the many gifted poets and writers who never seem to make the cut with other journals.

It's been a long time since any of us have read a literary journal and continually been surprised by a consistent quality of work. We were fed up, so we thought, Fuck it! We started Anomaly.

We are, officially, now accepting submissions. We want to hear from poets and writers who are dedicated to what they do. We want the difficult stuff, the vivid, dense, intense and heavy writing loaded with ability that just doesn't fit in elsewhere.

We do not want light, weak writing that is so utterly shallow it's rendered meaningless. Anything with structure, with real emotion (or any kind!), imagery that lives on the page and runs through your mind as your read the words, work with line breaks that actually have a reason to exist by poets and writers that aren't afraid to use words a twenty year old doesn't even know. We will not take work that does not take itself seriously, that is not honed and has not been worked at. That doesn't mean you can't use humour.

If you consider writing a hobby, we don't want to hear from you. However, if writing is the thing the rest of your life gets in the way of,  then we most definitely want to hear from you.

We want the writers who have been at it for years, who know they have what it takes and maybe even whose work is serious enough that it puts off editors. Give it to us. We're gasping for it like a drunk at a lock-in.

We are interested and we are waiting!

Roseanna Free, Oliver Tatler & Lorcán Black.