Anomaly: Issue#1! Jo may want to kill me, Roseanna knows where my body will never be found & Oliver Tatler is tempted to make himself willingly deaf. Welcome to Issue#1!

So I've head-wrecked Jo, Roseanna's probably scouting for places to bury me as we speak and Oliver is sick to death of hearing me yap on about this and that endlessly. Why? Because I'm so feckin' excited!

It's been a long (or at least, it felt long) road to Issue#1 of Anomaly Literary Journal. I feel like I've been talking about it for a year, rather than the three short months it has actually been. Friends have been asking us about it, we have no idea what to say because, well, what can you say about something that isn't even there yet?

How is this going to go? Will it tank? Will it do well? I have no idea. None of us do. We're just doing what we can, because we want to do this. That's kind of the exciting part. We feel we have put together something that holds up but, of course, that is entirely subject to personal opinion.

It's so very difficult to have to sit down and choose the reasons why one thing gets in and another doesn't. Sometimes that line is clear, it's black and white but most of the time, it's a fine line. Personally, I have found (and I'm not speaking for the other editors, but for myself- Lorcán) the fine line is more often the case. One fiction piece keeps me reading, I'm enjoying it- maybe there is something that I can't quite put my finger on. Then something else comes in and sometimes just that for one reason more than another- it hits the right mark. That gets in and the previous doesn't. The thing is, it changes all the time. We could've packed out this first issue but we would've suffered quantity over the quality we wanted. Which we believe and hope we have deliviered.

And, on a side note, if you want to know why myself and Jo are in the issue with a poem, Oliver insisted very strongly- this is not going to be a recurring thing, as it's not personally something we think should happen and will not be a familiar sight.

As for submissions, speaking for myself, I re-read every submission. I said on The Staff page, I'm a control freak. I read everything at least three times when it comes to submissions and often, it's more than three times. Maybe a lot more. Poor Jo knows this better than anyone. He has worked so hard at designing the look and feel of Anomaly's first issue and always cheerfully responded that any ridiculous, nit-picky little thing I didn't like about the graphic design of the journal was no problem (and then again when I changed my mind about the changes I'd asked for at lunchtime- and that happened more than twice. Maybe even more than three times) that really he needs some kind of award. Or a drink, or several, which I shall happily buy him. He has done an amazing job at knowing exactly what I wanted without me knowing it and made it look so beautiful. I had no idea when we started this, that even the first issue would look so professional and so appealing. Come the first of September, I hope everyone who reads it has read this and looks at it and agrees.

And yes, we do have a podcast to go with the inaugural issue of Anomaly. Due to trying to keep within a reasonable time limit, however, Oliver & I tried to keep it succinct.

And I've rattled on quite a bit. So, without further (arduous and I'm sure torturous- assuming you read ANY of the above) ado! We are delighted to announce the list, by category, of the authors of Anomaly Literary Journal: Issue#1


Rita Rouvalis Chapman
Grant Tarbard
Zelda Chappel
Lorcán Black
Ace Boggess
Joseph Birdsey
Morgaine Merch Lleuad
Luis Neer


Lindsay Parnell
Laura Pavlo
Thomas Stewart
David O'Neill


Gabrielle Montesanti


Gabrielle Montesanti
Sofia Monika Swatek

There you have it, Issue#1 in a nutshell. Needless to say, we are now accepting submissions for Issue#2! Like, right now. Poetry? Art? Fiction and non-fiction? Send 'em through! No time like the present!

PS: Thank you all so much for submitting, for re-Tweeting, sharing of Facebook and just generally supporting and encouraging us. Not only to writers and followers but also, especially, to Elizabeth Rose Murray, Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin, Amy Kaye and Sofia Monika Swatek: thank you for your support. But to all of our followers and submitters: you make this what it is and we appreciate it. Roll on September 1st! And roll on Issue#2! :)