Go raibhe míle maith agait mo chairde!!

You may have questions about the title. So, to pronounce say: 'Guh rev meal-ah ('a' like 'apple') maw-ha-gut (say that fast- the 'h' is gutteral, kind of like Arabic- the 'h' can sometimes be a gutteral 'hah' sound) muh core-juh! ('juh' like 'judge'). Well... that's it in my accent at least, but I'm not a linguist so I'm SURE I'll be crucified with comments for that one but I had very different teachers so listen, blame them for my accent! I'm just saying it the way I was taught! [my Connemara-Leinster accent]. So, the title in Gaelic basically means 'Thank You my friends'- it translates roughly to 'A thousand good thanks to you my friends' because without any of you, we would not be here.

Anomaly Literery Journal offically started on June 5th, techincally, and I'll tell you why- because Oliver, Roseanna, myself and Jo were in a beer garden of a pub we frequent in Covent Garden. Well, we were, until it started raining and we moved inside but the start of that conversation began this journal. The next day, I created this website and Anomaly got started. BUT I digress...

Oliver had been badgering me about this idea for a while, because, well, I was annoyed. We know why I was annoyed- the previous blog posts explain that perfectly well- but I'm going back to this now for a reason: they all agreed with Oliver (which, to be fair, is something I should probably always pay heed to- anyone who agrees with Oliver? Just go along with it because he's probably right!). But don't tell him I said that.

Anyway, I- at Oliver's persistence- suggested the idea of a poetry journal. Typical of me, I (Lorcán, in case that wasn't clear) had been going on about this idea ad nauseam for about two years. Roseanna agreed immediately, and when I said we needed a name that either had numbers or began with 'A' (for listing and search purposes) she thought for a second, puffed on her cigarette, looked at me and squinted her eyes, raised her eyebrows and said... "Anomaly" and I laughed. Because that was, basically, Twig (who you know as Roseanna). One second and, hey presto! The girl delivers perfection.

Now it is September 4th and Issue #1 is a THING! Never so quick did we see this happening.

And the name is perfect, because we are, in our own ways, all some kind of an anomaly. Probably none of us should be here, but feck it, here we are and we exist.

But when we started this, we weren't very sure Anomaly would make it. It was an experiment. We didn't even know we'd get a first issue. We definitely did not know we'd get the kind of submissions we received and I for one had no idea the kinds of IT-computer-graphics-style-wizardry Jo Birdsey would weave with his... magical... finger.. graphic-design...whatsit?... well I don't know exactly what Jo did, or how he actually DID it, but the first issue looked so much more amazing than I ever thought it could with that initial sad, music-less podcast (where I'd done my own mock-up and it looked like shit) that I did alone before Jo (and Elliot Tatler with his podcast theme tune awesomeness) decided to show up and save my life.

The design of Anomaly is all down to Jo (with some really nit-picky shit on my part, which I'll admit to). So if you, like me, loved the look of that, you can thank Jo B!

The artwork by Sofia Monika Swatek and Gabrielle Montesanti was incredible and I think we'd all take this opportunity to state that we need artwork so badly, especially after we saw how amazingly it contributed so essentially to Issue #1. It is the backbone to the poetry, fiction and nonfiction. It provides the gravy that otherwise leaves the potatoes tasting a bit too dry (Sorry... Jesus on a stick- you can take the man out of Ireland but you can't take Ireland out of the man, apparently).

So by artwork we mean paintings, sketches, screens, cartoons, photography. It is just as important as poetry and prose. Send it in, we are dying to see it and include it.

This issue meant so much to the four of us, we can't wait to see Issue #2.

If anyone has any comments, queries or questions, always feel free to email or use the comment box on the Podcast page.

Mostly we just want to thank you for reading, submitting, Facebooking and Tweeting!

Lorcán, Roseanna, Oliver & Joseph.