Issue 2: We're closing in but we want more!

As we said in response to all the writers whose submissions we have received since Anomaly: Issue 1 went live, we did not (and could not) have a clear idea of when Issue 2 would have a deadline. While we are closing in on Issue 2 very quickly and we are currently in the first round of a rough mock-up- you'll all be relieved to know we are not quite there yet. There is absolutely more room for poetry and non-fiction submissions to fit into Issue 2.

We will never work with a set limit of pages per issue, or a set theme (though as it stands, Issue 2 does seem to have a somewhat darker theme so far, rather accidentally, but as we always try to pick the best of what we receive, this issue it seems has become host- so far- to pieces with a slightly darker edge), we are still very much on the look out for more poetry and more non-fiction.

That is by no means to say that fiction submissions will not be considered but they are not our immediate priority, but by all means, send them in!

We have stated before that we would be open to the idea of a running column within Anomaly on an on-going basis- concepts of any kind we are open to- but as we see it, we would love something similar to a kind of casual social piece on a continuous basis. Whether it's a writer sitting in a café watching the world go by and commenting on it, the people they see go by or someone who simply wants to give their perspective on life in London- be it as a student, a working professional's observations on London-life (or Dublin life, considering I- Lorcán- come from a county very close to Dublin) or someone from anywhere at all and their personal observations on life from where they reside, or even someone's travel column as they're travelling around the world etc., we are very much open to the idea, as long as there is a high standard of language and it's something you or someone you know would be interested in, we would be interested to see it.

While our photography is sorted out for Issue 2, we are unfortunately not receiving many submissions of artwork or photography. Hopefully with this second issue of Anomaly, it will be clearer what we expect from photography submissions just as Issue 1 shall have demonstrated the kinds of artwork we are open to (although artwork is inherently subjective and so we are very open to all styles and medias). If you are an artist or photographer, consider what we exhibit in Issue 1 and Issue 2 once it goes live and send in your work.

We cannot, ever, express how vital artwork and photography is to Anomaly- it is just as vital as the poetry, fiction and non-fiction we present and it is something we very much wish to be just as inundated with in our inbox.

As it stands currently, we are looking at a rough deadline of the end of February/early March for a release of Anomaly: Issue 2, though we suspect it could be closer to a week or two into March. We would rather have it set to March 1st, but due to work constraints on all our behalfs, this may not be possible.

But as always, when we are confident of a date, we will keep you all informed. We are very excited about Issue 2 even as it's just beginning to shape up toward a semblance of what it will eventually become.

So, please, keep those submissions coming! And spread the word with all photographers and artists you know: we are keenly awaiting submissions.

We're getting there and will update you all again soon!

All the very best,
Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler, Roseanna Free & Joseph Birdsey.