Issue 2!

It's been six months since Anomaly Literary Journal: Issue 1 launched in September and here we have it- Anomaly Literary Journal: Issue 2! We could not have anticipated the response to our inaugural issue, nor could we have imagined the ensuing enthusiasm for Issue 2.

Artwork, as we've always said, is essential to Anomaly. This second issue is reflective of that. David Reali's street photography is both arresting and magnetic- as you can see from the cover photo alone. He has an innante eye for capturing the passing moment that is at once alluring and at the same time bears a hint of discomfort in an almost voyeuristic way. The screaming woman on the cover illustrates a moment on a public street which we've probably all experienced at one time or another, the witnessing of an out-burst of emotion everyone stops momentarily to stare at before moving on.

Those photographs depict, to a degree, some of the pieces chosen for inclusion in this issue of Anomaly, at times uncomfortable but utterly familiar. Erik Brede's dream-like, surrealist photographic art depict almost dream-like images which draw you in and linger with you even after you've stopped looking at them. Together, they form a blend of complimentary work which beautifully illustrates the journal throughout.

We have some deftly crafted poetry, fiction and non-fiction this time round, which we go into more detail about in our editorial for this issue, as well letting some of the writers themselves speak about their work and their writing processes in more detail on our accompanying podcast for Issue 2.

We've had so many writers submitting- and many more continuing to submit in increasing numbers- who have shared with us their very kind compliments on what we are trying to achieve with Anomaly. There are so many people to thank for their encouragement and on-going support that the list at this point is becoming rather lengthy but you all know who you are!

We very much hope that everyone who has contributed to Issue 2 is pleased with the end result and we are thrilled to be looking forward to Issue 3 later in the summer.

I believe it was stated in one of our first podcasts that we aim to be as open as possible about what we do here in curating Anomaly. We don't want to come across as the wizard behind the curtain, pulling levers and strings and working away veiled in mystery.

Everything that is submitted to us is looked at and considered at least twice- often, it's looked at several times over, especially as we progress closer toward a deadline for an issue. Each of us have a little OCD (myself, Lorcán, particularly) when it comes to submissions. Nothing escapes me, everything is read. While we might take some time to get back to writers and artists who submit, we try our best to do so. We work for a living, each in very different jobs, and as such sometimes responses may fall through the cracks no matter how hard we try and for this we apologise.

Especially as submissions have really begun to gain quite a bit of traction, this may be the case but once we are closer to our third issue and have set a deadline, writers and artists are more than encouraged to get in touch and query the status of their submissions. So, for the moment, we are a long while off Issue 3 and it might be a bit of a wait until you hear from us so bear with us.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to read through our first two issues in order to get a feel of what styles of writing we enjoy- they're free to read and download, so there really is no excuse. Artwork, photography and non-fiction however are more open categories by definition, so we ask that in those categories you simply send your best.

While we aim primarily to give a voice to up-and-coming writers, we also aspire (as any journal should) to attract established writers and artists as well. Each poem and fiction piece is carefully considered and selected deliberately. As we've said, we want to see a certain level of craftsmanship in the work we publish. My opinions on poetry and what we expect from it have been detailed on the blog before, so I won't go over them here but nonetheless, a read through of both issues so far should be enough to instil an idea of what we wish to see. Poetry is such a difficult thing to pin down- what you like versus what you don't like is inherently subjective, as it ought to be. What we don't like is a poem that sounds lovely but says nothing- an idea, thought or momentary emotion shaped like a poem is not, in my view at least, good poetry.

Good poetry should grab you and shake you by the roots and take you by the first line and leave you in a completely different place by the last. On a read through of both Issue 1 and 2, hopefully what we mean by this will be apparent to the reader.

Any queries or questions on anything that anyone might have are more than welcome, you can drop us an email or use the comment box on the podcast page and that will go straight to our inbox and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Even with the podcast, if there is something you wish us to discuss or something you'd like to hear us talk about, let us know- we love getting feedback and it helps us make Anomaly as open, creative and enjoyable as possible.

We are loving the response to Anomaly and we are looking forward to producing many more issues in the future. Enjoy Issue 2, join in with us on Facebook and Twitter, share, Re-Tweet and let us know what you think!

Read, enjoy, share and submit! Here's looking forward to Issue 3!

All the best from the Anomaly team!
Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler, Roseanna Free & Joseph Birdsey