Where we are so far...

Submissions for Issue 3 have been strong and continue to come in, much to our delight.

We've had a lot of fiction in particular to consider this time around. We've started a mock-up of Issue 3 (because why not! Also because I started it later than I meant to for Issue 2 and it was a lot of work, so I won't be doing that again) and we've split fiction into two parts again, just to break it up and figure we have so much poetry already that no doubt there is more beautiful poetry to yet come in, we might as well really go the whole hog and have two poetry sections as well.

As a result of that, right now we are crying out for more poetry and non-fiction. We've had very few non-fiction pieces sent in- we could really use some, so please do submit if you have anything in the way of non-fiction that you think would interest us!

We're so excited about Issue 3, the poetry, the artwork, the fiction- it's going to be our biggest issue yet but we still want more of your best work!

Though this issue is sorted out for artwork, we still need artwork or photography for Issue 4 next March, so please keep that in mind!

As with Issue 1, our deadline for Issue 3 will be August 20th, with the aim of September 1st being our release date. You've got plenty of time to flood our inbox with your submissions and we look forward to reading them.

We will, of course, be producing another podcast for Issue 3. We never have any feedback on the podcast, we can see it gets a moderate amount of listens though but any ideas, questions or comments are always helpful, so let us know!

We have, thankfully, responded to the vast majority of submissions at this point and there are only a small amount left to respond to so far which we are still considering- so to those of you waiting, don't worry. It won't be long, rest assured we are still mulling over your work! :)

Looking forward to more submissions and thank you all for your over-whelming response to Anomaly Literary Journal. We appreciate your support more than you know!

Get writing and keep submitting!