Building up to Issue 4!

Anomaly Literary Journal: Issue 3 was such a joy to put together- well, every issue has been- and Issue 4 is no different. While we have chosen some artwork already, we definitely need a lot more & are encouraging artists and photographers to get in touch & submit their work. Just as with Issue 2, we are aiming for a March or April release date, so time is beginning to be somewhat of the essence if we want to release the journal on time.

We are getting plenty of poetry and fiction submissions, which is amazing but we do need a lot more- and we've had no nonfiction at all so far (what is going on?! Where's our nonfiction at?).
It's fantastic to always have new submissions ready and waiting to be read but we're greedy, we always want more, so if everyone can spread the word we would be greatly appreciative!

I feel like we're always saying this but we always get such lovely responses from writers and artists who submit and we can't stop saying thank you because the support you've shown us really matters.

We can't wait to start properly putting together Issue 4, so if you write (or paint or you're a photographer) or you know someone who does, our submissions page is ready and waiting!!

We can't wait to see what you've got for us!

Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler, Roseanna Free & Joseph Birdsey.