Vacancy at Anomaly: Graphic Designer

Our lovely Joseph Birdsey is, sadly, retiring from Anomaly Literary Journal. We're sad to see him go, not only because his work in designing the over-all look of the journal itself has been incredible, but also because he's just Jo.

However, this leaves a vacancy we very much need to fill. Everyone knows Anomaly Literary Journal is free, it's a labour of love and because of this we are reliant on giving our own time to keep it going without any financial reward. I actually lose about £12 every month to keep the website running (which thankfully is small change in exchange for running the journal in the first place) and as such, we cannot afford to pay a graphic designer. This basically leaves us at the mercy of advertising a role for which there is no financial compensation except experience and a professional credit for the work (that part's kind of important to note!) that would be involved.

The job role requires someone who has a good working knowledge of Photoshop/InDesign and is willing to give their time, twice a year to two issues a year to work on designing the look of the journal. I myself use Word to create the layout (inputting artwork alongside text) and hand it off to the graphic designer to create a PDF format of the finished product. So we need someone who can recreate the design Joseph has established or, indeed, create a new look and feel for the journal (an idea we're open to).

If you or someone you know is interested in doing this and being part of the team for Anomaly Literary Journal in this capacity and would be committed to coming aboard in this respect, please let us know! You can email me, Lorcán, at and if you have the relevant experience we can go from there (most likely we'll give you a mock-up and let you do your thing with it and see what happens!). It is vital as artwork is immensely important to us.

This is a fairly urgent vacancy to fill, as we are pushing back Issue 4 until next month but ideally we'd like to stay on track for Issue 5 in the Autumn (September/October) so we really need to spread the word on this one. It's not necessary for the applicant to need to be in London or indeed the UK, as we can more than easily communicate online. Indeed, if any applicants are writers themselves with an in-depth working knowledge of Photoshop and you have the time and skills to commit to two issues a year, by all means get in touch but that's not a requirement.

We are looking forward to seeing responses from this and hopefully welcoming a new member to the team! Give us a shout, as I said, at and we can take it from there!!