Issue 5

This has been our very first issue without Joseph Birdsey and his wonderful talents at the helm of its graphic design and he was sorely missed but we were exceptionally lucky to have been working with the truly beautiful artwork of Mario Sánchez Nevado (to whose work I will link below this post). Nevado's work really electrified this issue and, as I said in the editorial, really elevated the issue as a whole.

Of course it helps that we had stunning work from such a wonderful variety of writers, mostly new but a couple of people who are no strangers to Anomaly Lit, namely Thomas Stewart and Kevin Higgins.

I am not going to do what I did last issue and dive into an almost separate editorial, though I want and am tempted to do so but sadly, this time round, I simply do not have the time.

Every single one of these pieces in Issue 5 was a joy for us to work with and an honour to include. The same goes for all the submissions we received, whether or not they made it into the issue, we could not do this without the writers who continue to support us. Issue 5 received more submissions than any previous issue and I'm sure Issue 6 next Spring will be no different.

We are currently accepting all submissions for Issue 6 next Spring and we cannot wait to get to work on the next issue.

Thank you to each and every one of you who allowed us to spend time with your work, we're always grateful and always delighted to read, consider and discuss those submissions!

Enjoy, download and share Issue 5. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed curating it!

All our best,
Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler & Roseanna Free.

To check out more of Mario Sánchez Nevado's work, follow the links below: