Anomaly Literary Journal was founded in July 2o15 in London by Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler, Roseanna Free & Joseph Birdsey.

Meet us: the rather idiosyncratic, but we like to think perfectly lovely, people who bring you Anomaly.

Far Left: Lorcán Black one of four founders and two Editors in Chief of Anomaly Literary Journal. He is a writer and poet, from Newbridge, Co. Kildare, in the Republic of Ireland, now very happily ensconced in London where he has been unleashed upon the unwitting and unready population on many a Friday night, but they've gotten used to it. That, or they're all being very British and polite about it.

He has three dogs with his partner, but they're all imaginary. Except the partner- he's real and we know he must be because otherwise, we have no idea who's been paying the other half of his rent.

Lorcán's poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies including The Saint Ann's Review, The Los Angeles Review, The Stinging Fly, Fjords Review, Blue Lyra Review, Apogee, Assaracus, The Opiate & Chiron Review, to name just a handful. He studied print journalism and sociology at BCFE, Dublin. Lorcán deals with everything that comes into Anomaly. Obsessively. Typical of Lorcán, he'll stick his fingers into categories the other editors haven't asked him to but then that's his job. Lorcán also deals with the technological side of things. We felt it kept him out of our hair.

Lorcán has a dry but outlandish sense of humour. He is more direct than anyone ever should be and routinely gets enraged by people with no common sense. So, thankfully, he works in a university. Because a lack of common sense never happens there. Ever.

He's addicted to coffee, nicotine and his secret fear is that he'll end up like Maeve Brennan. Other people's parents tend to adore him. His own parents however, while affectionate and encouraging, are more often somewhat lovingly bemused and bewildered. You can follow him on Twitter @LorcanBlack and on Instagram @LorcanBlack Clearly he's very original with usernames.

His pet peeves include randomers on the street who ask you for a cigarette because they're too cheap to buy their own and lone magpies. He's somewhat superstitious of them. Probably an Irish thing.

Centre Left: Oliver Tatler, founder and second Editor in Chief, is a born and bred south Londoner. Sadly he is of no relation to the magazine that shares his surname. Like most south Londoners, he's a born charmer. He once unknowingly charmed an air-steward on a flight to Boston to such an extent, they gave him complimentary champagne. Having edited a magazine before, he's no stranger to what this endeavour entails. Oliver studied English at Kings College and completed his MA in Shakespearean studies (we know what you're thinking and he has no idea why, either). If it wasn't for Oliver badgering Lorcán for two years, Anomaly wouldn't exist. A natural at editing, Oliver oversees pretty much anything that comes into us here at Anomaly, and helps Lorcán and Roseanna vet the poetry, prose and narrative non-fiction submissions as well as working on marketing strategies, commentary submissions and various other tasks we won't bore you with here.

Oliver is what your grandmother would call 'a gent' and what your mother would be only too delighted for you to bring home. She may even like him more than you. In his spare time, whenever he manages to find where he put it last, Oliver is a singer-songwriter. He's even taken to the stage supporting his best friend, singer-songwriter Emily Davies, as well as doing his own gigs. You just might find some stuff on YouTube.  He is also an ardent lover of Skittles. The original flavour. He is much better dealing with authority than Lorcán could ever hope to be.

Oliver also works in higher education. He's very good at what he does and is basically everyone's favourite person. The entire office lights up when he passes through the admin department. Oliver and Lorcán work at the same university. Oliver steals sweets off Lorcán's desk and thinks Lorcán doesn't know. Lorcán knows because Lorcán's boss tells him. Oliver doesn't know that Lorcán knows. He'll never read this (because he'd hate to read about himself) so he'll never know Lorcán knows. But you know!

His pet peeves are people walking so slowly in tube stations it seems only conceivable death could be upon them and business speak. We have also recently discovered he is somewhat nervous around frogs.

Centre Right: Roseanna Free, a founder and our incomparable Editor, is an enigma but the proof that a multitude of the best Londoners are south Londoners. A New Cross woman at heart, though difficult to describe, Roseanna has presence. She's like a circa 1991 cross between Maeve Brennan and Sylvia Plath- minus the philandering husbands of both and the many cats of the former, though she does like a good whiskey every now and then. She has a razor sharp mind, finely honed at Goldsmiths, University of London where she graduated in English. Roseanna can and will deal with anything (she'll even help you hide the bodies) but at Anomaly, she mainly deals with the bodies of poetry, fiction and whatever takes her fancy, frankly. Maybe even Lorcán's control-freak fingers.

We can't say for certain, but we're pretty sure her grandmother is the head of an all-female Mafia. Which is exactly why she'll help you hide the bodies. Roseanna can most often be found- eyes layered under dark mascara and eye-shadow, arms crossed, smoking a cigarette in silent judgement.

Roseanna works in the Ministry of Justice. Which is just as fancy as that sounds. We've no idea who let her into the building initially or how she convinced them she even works there but look, it worked. None of us are questioning it. Just don't say anything? Let's see how long this can go on before they notice!

Roseanna hates high-heels and considers them only useful as a possible murder weapon. Not that she'd ever commit murder but, you know, best not to push it all the same.

So, Roseanna knows where the bodies are, Lorcán knows where her grandmother is and Oliver pretends he knows nothing. And you? You're better off not knowing.